Smokehouse Mini Chief Smoker

The Smokehouse Mini Chief Smoker is one of three different size smokers in the Smokehouse range. It is the smallest smoker in the range, with the bigger models being the Little Chief Smoker and Big Chief Smoker. Unlike the larger models it is only available as a top load smoker.

The mini chief smoker has a capacity of up to 15 pounds and is designed for smoking fish, beef, poultry, pork and all other game. With the perfect amount of venting this model will smoke any meat perfectly. This all aluminum sided unit has been around for generations and is still to date the number one. The smoker includes electric cord, flavor pan, grilling racks, and the smoker.

mini chief smoker - top load

Mini Chief Top Load Smoker


  • 250 watt electric smoker
  • 15 pound capacity
  • All aluminum sided unit
  • Removable rack
  • 3 grilling racks to smoke up to 15 pounds
  • Dimensions are 14 H x 11.5 W x 11.5 D inches
  • Dishwasher safe grills

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